System Requirements - Desktops

Catchup Math operates on PC, MAC, iPad, and Chromebook computers connected to the Internet using a popular modern browser with Flash 8.0 or higher. A system compatibility check is available on our login screen.

For best results with a netbook, set your screen resolution to 1024 x 600.

Alert: Catchup Math Uses Scripting

Catchup Math uses Scripting (also known as Active Scripting or JavaScript) to present solutions and other features. You are seeing this yellow alert because we detected that you do not have Scripting enabled on your browser and/or firewall.

After you enable scripting and refresh this page, you should no longer see this yellow alert message.

Enable Scripting in Your Browser

Here is a list of most popular browsers and the steps needed to enable JavaScript in each.

Enable Scripting in Security Software

Some security software disables scripting. In various versions of NORTON, you may need to try one or more of these: Disable Ad Blocking; Disable Popup Window Blocking; Enable Scripting; Remove and from any lists of restricted sites. Be sure to 'Refresh' your Catchup Math pages after changing your security settings. You are successful when you no longer see this yellow alert.

Final Step

You may need to restart your browser, delete temporary Internet Files (be sure to 'delete all offline content,' if you have that option), and restart your computer for the settings changes to take effect.

System Requirements - iPad

Catchup Math operates on the iPad. Students login using their iPad and the mobile version of Catchup Math will be loaded.

Problems with Your Computer

If you see an error message when using Catchup Math, this could be due to one of the following:

  • Browser Issue

    Catchup Math works on virtually all modern browsers. Internet Option settings should be Cookies: Enabled; Security: Medium or Low; Privacy: Medium or Low; Temporary Internet Files: 'check for new pages every time you start the browser or 'every visit to the page.

  • Firewall issue

    Some firewall services can cause login failures,with no error message being given. If this happens, please ask your firewall service for assistance.

  • Router Issue

    If you use a router, you may need to specify that is a permitted website.

  • Bookmark Issue

    We may have improved our pages, so if you bookmark a Catchup Math internal page, re-enter " and then reset the bookmark

  • Popup Blocker Issue

    Catchup Math does not display popup advertisements. Nevertheless, you may need to inform your popup blocker to allow popups from

More Help for Errors

Here are more things to try: Delete Temporary Internet Files in your browser (if you are using IE); Clear Cache (if you are using Firefox); Obliterate Cached Images and Files (if you are using Chrome); Try Catchup Math on a different computer or different browser on the same computer; Download a new or different browser (try Firefox, this always seems to work).

Even More Help

Please check your computer compatibility using the link below the password field on our Login page. If still encountering difficulty, please email and provide as many details as possible including a screenshot.