Catchup Math Success Stories

Catchup Math effectiveness is proven by research and actual usage. Nonetheless, we love to hear heartfelt quotes from administrators, teachers, and students.

"We increased the number of students achieving honor-roll status from 13% to 22%."
High School Principal, California
"Really great for students at all achievement levels. It's easy to use, self-explanatory, and encourages students to become independent learners."
High School Math Teacher, Illinois
"A young mother out of high school for three years initially tested into our lowest math course. Not satisfied, she used Catchup Math for three weeks and then retested four course levels higher --- a full year and a quarter. This was exactly our purpose for using it."
College Instructor, Ohio
"I've never done so well in a math class before."
Formerly Failing Middle School Student, Kentucky
"We used Catchup Math with 30 remedial pre-algebra students. All of the students' scores improved, and five students passed into mainstream algebra or geometry."
Middle School Intervention Specialist, California
"We used Catchup Math this summer and had great results! Every one of my students is well-prepared for their fall classes."
Middle School Math Chair, California
"As close to perfect as I have found."
High School Math Intervention Teacher, Kentucky
"This is the 3rd year I have taught summer school, and the first time the kids are working harder than me!"
Middle School Math Teacher, Kansas
"Last year we used another company's service, which cost us $3000 for just 60 students and the results were not that great. This year we got Catchup Math for 200 students for $950, and the support and results were outstanding."
High School Teacher, Washington
"We had incredible results this summer. The teachers are clamoring for us to buy it for the fall!"
District Curriculum Coordinator, Texas
"Students enjoy learning with Catchup Math! In our survey of remedial students using Catchup Math, 76% said they would recommend it to a friend and 81% said they would like to use it themselves again."
High School Instructional Technology Coordinator, California
"It worked so well over the last 3 weeks that my students are all caught up and doing their regular work now."
Geometry Teacher, New York
"Catchup Math shows students that they CAN achieve success in math; it builds up their confidence and self-esteem. We initially targeted students at risk of failure, and the number of such students has been cut by two-thirds! Next year we're going to use it with all our students!"
High School Principal, Michigan