Purchase Catchup Math

Purchase of Catchup Math by a School or College

Catchup Math licenses may be purchased by schools and colleges for any number of students. To order Catchup Math for a school or college, please see our School/College Price List and then order by credit card or print and submit our Order Form.

Desktop/Tablet Version for Independent Study

Catchup Math may be purchased for one student with a credit card here. Students will take an Auto-Enrollment test and be placed in our lowest level program where they have learning gaps. Then, students proceed at their own pace as far as they wish. To purchase for multiple students, you must use separate email addresses. The full features of our school/college accounts are not available for student accounts, but there are tools for progress reporting and making course changes within each account.

Student Purchase for a School or College Course

To purchase Catchup Math if required for a specific school or college course, log in with the Login Name and initial Password as directed by your instructor. Your credit card information will be requested at that time to purchase your personal password.