Catchup Math FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to many Catchup Math questions can be found below. If you can't find an answer to your question, please contact us.

  • What exactly is Catchup Math?

    Catchup Math is an online service that helps students get caught up - and then keep up - in math. Research-based and performance-proven, Catchup Math diagnoses and fills in learning gaps for middle/high school students and under-prepared college students. Students log in at school or home, take short quizzes, and then receive targeted, multi-modal instruction based on incorrect answers. Teachers easily generate reports to track usage and progress
  • Is Catchup Math only for at-risk students?

    Definitely not! We recommend that all secondary students use Catchup Math as a review at the beginning of every math course so they are prepared to succeed. Also, Catchup Math can be used by students taking a final exam or high-stakes test where both the students and the school can benefit from higher math scores. Many teachers use Catchup Math in conjunction with their ongoing classes.
  • What specific programs are included in Catchup Math?

    Catchup Math includes programs for review of Essentials (grades 6-7 math and below), Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. Each subject area may be used as a full-course review or targeted at scope/sequence (subject/chapter) topics selected by a teacher. Catchup Math also covers Graduation Exam Preparation (which may be used as a Pre-Calculus Readiness Program). In addition, teachers can create custom programs and quizzes by selecting from the full repertoire of Catchup Math lessons and quiz items.
  • What are the technical requirements to run Catchup Math?

    Catchup Math operates on PC and Mac computers connected to the Internet using any popular modern browser. Flash 8.0 or higher is required. To confirm your computer's compatibility, click on the "Check Compatibility" link at the login page. An iPad version of Catchup Math is available at
  • What if we don't know the proficiency level of a particular student?

    Catchup Math includes an Auto-Enrollment tool that delivers diagnostic quizzes to automatically place the student into the lowest course level where help is needed. Catchup Math then advances the student until the targeted level is reached.
  • How long does a student spend using Catchup Math?

    Some students will utilize Catchup Math for months, while others may only require a few hours to get caught up. Our usage history shows that a student using Catchup Math 2 to 3 times per week will complete a full course review in 7 to 8 weeks, on average.
  • How would a middle or high school utilize Catchup Math?

    Catchup can be used in a school computer lab or classroom with supervision by a teacher who can provide individual support as needed. As an online resource, Catchup Math can also be assigned as homework or used as an online credit recovery course. Other ways educators use Catchup Math:
    • In their math lab or resource room
    • In their after school or summer program
    • As a general review in any math class
    • As an enrichment for advanced students
    • In their blended learning environments
    • As a resource for parents
  • Can I assign homework or classwork to my students?

    Yes! With our Assignments tool, you can quickly and easily create automatically-graded homework, as well as meaningful and measurable classwork. Select from hundreds of lessons and problems by topic, chapter, or standard. Students show their work on our online whiteboard and see step-by-step explanations after problems are graded. Teachers can give instant correction notes in red on student answers. Student progress is tracked through our online Gradebook.
  • How would a college utilize Catchup Math?

    College students can use Catchup Math to prepare for their developmental math courses (or any required placement tests). Catchup Math "Report Cards" can be used by faculty as an "admission requirement" for math or science courses. We recommend that colleges purchase Catchup Math for use at the campus learning center. Alternatively, colleges may require students to purchase their own licenses individually
  • How does Catchup Math motivate at-risk students?

    Catchup Math is easy to use, flexible, self-paced and engaging. Students appreciate that they are assigned only the topics they need to learn and are ready to learn. The multi-modal lessons provide variety and accommodate many learning styles. The learning activities and math games are interesting and fun! Based on actual student surveys, Catchup Math has an approval rating of over 80%!
  • How does Catchup Math address different learning modes?

    Students choose the features in Catchup Math that work best for them. For example, students may choose to read a written lesson, watch a math video, complete a hands-on learning activity, and/or play a math game. Students are only required to complete the practice problems, and needn't get bogged down on review materials that don't help them. And, our lessons and Flash Cards are provided in both English and Spanish.
  • How can we assess progress and appropriate use of Catchup Math?

    Teachers and administrators can easily generate usage and progress reports that can be filtered by student, teacher, class, school, and date range. Student reports include quiz scores, topics that were prescribed for review and alignment to CCSS. Our "Show Work" feature allows teachers to view each student's electronic whiteboard solutions to the practice problems. Group progress is presented graphically, and detailed and overview data can be exported in Excel format. Students can view their own progress and have full access to a detailed history of their scores.
  • How do students show their work on Catchup Math?

    Students type or write (with their mouse) on our online whiteboard to show their steps for solving practice problems. The work is saved for review by their teacher. The Show Work feature provides an excellent indicator of student effort and understanding (and can be used to check that students are performing the work themselves).
  • How is Catchup Math different from other intervention services?

    In addition to our unique Show Work feature, Catchup Math is one of the few services that are complete with assessments, differentiated learning, lessons, videos, activities and math games. Catchup Math is much easier to use for both teachers and students, and is far less expensive. The student pages and reports have a well-designed, simple structure that gets the job done. Catchup Math is so intuitive that all your students can begin using the service on the same day it is purchased with our self-registration feature.
  • Is there scientific research supporting Catchup Math?

    Yes! Please see our independent nationwide study of Catchup Math and our White Paper entitled "Research Basis for Catchup Math". You can find these and other reports on our Educator's page.
  • Does Catchup Math cover my state standards?

    Catchup Math is aligned to the Common Core State Standards, NCTM standards, and individual state standards. Our student reports show the lesson topics covered on each quiz as well as the correlation to standards. We provide state-specific recommendations and custom programs for usage of Catchup Math upon request, at no charge.
  • How may Catchup Math be purchased?

    Catchup Math is very cost-effective and can be purchased by schools, colleges, tutoring centers and other education providers by printing and submitting an Order Form. Catchup Math can also be purchased online for individual students, with a credit card.
  • Is professional development offered?

    Catchup Math is sufficiently intuitive that teachers can be successful with minimal training. Professional development and training are nonetheless available in a variety of formats including:
    • On-site training sessions and "Train-the-Trainer" certification programs.
    • Remote, live ?Webinar? sessions.
    • Online, recorded Teacher Training Videos; online manual; online FAQ document.
    • Data interpretation services to assist districts and schools in obtaining optimal benefit from Catchup Math.
  • Is Catchup Math available for the iPad?

    Yes! The iPad version of Catchup Math can be accessed at