Information for Math Educators

Programs Available

Our programs cover Grades 6-7 Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and high school graduation test prep. Our diagnostics drill down and re-teach grades 3-5 topics as needed. Lessons and Skill Builders are presented in both English and Spanish. Teachers can use pre-established diagnostic/prescriptive programs or create their own custom programs. See our Programs page for more information.

Suggested Uses of Catchup Math

The richness and flexibility of Catchup Math permit a wide variety of uses including prerequisite review at the beginning of new math courses, online support for ongoing classes, special education and intervention classes, and schoolwide preparation for standardized tests.

Research, Efficacy, Supporting Data, Expectations

Compelling educational research in support of Catchup Math is summarized here. Please see these reports: Independent Nationwide Study of Catchup Math, Research Basis of Catchup Math, Improving Success for Struggling Algebra Learners with Online CAI, Usage and Performance Data in Support of Catchup Math. The usage data provides guidance for progress expectations.

Standards Alignment

Catchup Math programs are aligned with Common Core, NCTM, and all fifty state (plus D.C) standards. For each performance expectation in grades 6-8, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2, we ensure that the corresponding Catchup Math program has at least one quiz question testing that expectation and also that there are targeted review resources assigned if the student misses that quiz question. Also, we ensure that none of the Catchup Math quiz questions or review materials in any program assumes a level of mastery above those specified in the standards. For strategies to address any specific standardized test, please ask your Catchup Math Account Representative for assistance.

Administrative Features and Support

Use of Catchup Math is managed on our Admin pages and explained by our Getting Started Guide and Teaching with Catchup Math videos. Also, our Teacher-FAQ page is a helpful quick-reference. We provide unlimited telephone support and training to faculty and administrators.