Use Catchup Math for Intervention

Math Intervention

For Response to Intervention (RTI) or similar models, Catchup Math provides research-based, high-quality instruction and progress monitoring. It is ideal for Tier II or Tier III interventions, or as a support to Tier I instruction for struggling students. Catchup Math fits both individualized and small-group models. Our web delivery allows flexible usage at school or home.

Special Education

Catchup Math identifies learning gaps and provides targeted, multi-modal lessons that address individual abilities and learning styles. Students work at their appropriate levels and progress at their own pace, achieving math success that builds confident, independent learners.

Supplemental Instruction

Catchup Math is ideally suited for remedial classes, after school programs, homebound programs, and shadow (aka double-block or mirror) classes. Struggling students respond very well to Catchup Math's personalization, multiple modes of instruction and student-friendly interface. Self-paced and prescriptive, Catchup Math provides intervention without creating a staffing burden.

Dropout Prevention

Students at-risk of dropping out of school or college are engaged by our differentiated-learning, non-judgmental approach to math remediation. Start at-risk students in our lowest level program and watch them build confidence as they fill in their learning gaps and proceed to higher levels at their own pace.

Exam Prep

Because it covers both state and Common Core standards in each of its subjects and targets learning gaps, Catchup Math is the ideal practice tool to improve scores for final exams, exit exams, and end of year tests.