Assign Homework and Classwork Online

Instant Assignment

Our Assignments tool lets teachers easily assign a lesson and problems related to any topic or Common Core standard. Teachers select the due date and choose problems from our problem bank. Students are informed of their assignments when logging into Catchup Math. Click here for a short recorded webinar.

Automatic Grading

Most problems are automatically graded by Catchup Math. Teachers can view student answers (including work entered on our online whiteboard) at any time. Our open-ended problems are not auto-graded, so teachers assign a score after reviewing student whiteboard answers.

Instant Feedback

Teachers can annotate student answers for instant feedback. Scores are available to students immediately after teacher review. Students can review past assignments to see their grades and step-by-step explanations for all the problems.

Instant Gradebook

A teacher Gradebook is available for each class showing student results in summary form, with averages calculated for any time period.


Assignments Webinar