Administrator Getting Started Guide

Help Whenever You Need It

This guide is a quick reference to help you easily get great results with Catchup Math. We also have: Training videos, Teacher FAQs, and Common Core correlations. But please, feel free to contact your Account Manager at any time for additional help.

Technical Requirements

Catchup Math operates on iPad, PCs, Macs and netbooks. Desktop computers require Flash (Verion 8 or higher). You can verify your computer's compatibility with Catchup Math by clicking on the Check compatibility link at the log in screen.

We also have a special Flash-free version of Catchup Math for the iPad which will deliver the most commonly needed instructional materials (lessons, videos, practice problems and assignments) but not the games and other Flash-based activities.

If, after viewing the Technical Tips video you still need technical support, please send an email to

Registering Students

To immediately get your students started using Catchup Math, please view our 2-minute video entitled Registering Students - Overview. To organize your students in groups/classes, please view the video entitled Registering Groups and Classes.

Other registration options:

  • To manually register one or more students, select Register One Student under the Register Student menu.
  • To register students from an uploaded file, use the Bulk Registration option under the Groups menu. You can assign both a Group name and a specific program for everyone in the file. Use a Tab Delimited Text file with two columns; the first column as the student name (e.g., Smith, John), and the second column as password (e.g., 23242342). Use Excel's "Save As..." drop down menu to save as a Text (tab delimited) file.
  • To make any change to a registered student account, select the student and then use Edit Student under the Register Student menu.

Select the Right Program for Each Student

Please view our video entitled Available Content. You can also view our Programs page.

Changing Students' Programs

You may reassign students to a new program individually, or as a class.

To change an individual student, highlight the name, and select Edit Student under the Register Student menu. After making any changes, be sure to press Save.

To change the program for an entire class of students, first select Manage Groups from the Groups menu. In the dialogue box that appears, highlight the group or class you wish to change, and press the Reassign Program button. Make sure the changes you wish are displayed in the wizard that appears, then press Reassign Program.


Teachers sometimes want to give students additional work; the main way to do this is with Assignments.

The Assignments tool enables you to create automatically-graded homework and classwork assignments, quizzes, and Course Tests. Please view our videos under the Assignments heading in our video library.

Give Students a Brief Overview of How Catchup Math Works

Ask students to watch a How to use Catchup Math video when they first login to see how to navigate on a desktop or mobile device.

Monitoring Student Progress and Success

You can check student progress and effort either individually, or as a group. Please view the videos under the heading Generating & Interpreting Reports in our video library.

Deleting Students

You may delete students no longer using the program by highlighting the student's name, and then selecting Unregister Student from the Student Registration menu. You can then reassign that student's license to a new student.

If you have many students you would like to remove, and they are all in the same group, you can delete them all at once by selecting Manage Groups under the Groups menu (highlight the group on the left and select Unregister Students on the right).

You can use the Export item in the Reporting > Groups menu to get an emailed copy of student progress before deletion, to save for your reference.

Three Quick Tips to Ensure Success

Have your students use Catchup Math at least once per week (preferably twice), and use the reporting tools to monitor their progress.

Tell students to read the lesson, watch the video and complete the activity before attempting the guided practice problems, as this will yield the best long-term results. Encourage them to use the built-in Whiteboard with Required Problems and Assignments, so you can see their work.

When giving grades for using Catchup Math, reward them for their Active Time and first-answer entry percentage (i.e., their diligence), as well as for their higher re-test scores.

Much, Much More

There are many other advanced features included within Catchup Math including Custom Sequential Programs. Custom Sequential Programs lets you choose and assign any sequence of lessons to students, without quizzes. Be sure to view the videos in our Video Library or contact your Account Manager for assistance.